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Indian Food

Indian Food

NAAN: Refined wheat flour bread, cooked in earthen oven called ‘tandoor’. Variations include garlic naan, cheese naan, butter naan, stuffed naan.

ROTI: Unleavened whole wheat flour bread, cooked in earthen (clay) oven. Variations include missi roti (mixed flour roti), bajra roti (millet flour), makki ki roti (maize/corn flour)

CHAPATI: Whole wheat flour bread prepared on a hot plate - also called ‘Phulka’. This is the most popular form of Indian bread cooked by the north Indians at home.

POORIE: Deep fried whole wheat flour bread, with a rounded appearance, fried and blown almost like a ball

PAPAD: Slightly spicy crunchy wafers made of different types of lentil flour seasoned with black pepper, garlic and other herbs/spices. Generally served as appetizers - also called ‘Papadum’

PICKLES: Most common pickles are made of mangoes, chillies and lemons. They are preserved for a long time using lots of salt, mustard oil, vinegar and a variety of spices.

RAITA: Whipped and flavoured yogurt is called ‘Raita’. Most common flavours are cucumber, salt and pepper, and cumin.

PULAO: Rice prepared with spices of different kinds, comes with the option of mutton, chicken or vegetables.

CURRY: Gravy prepared using different combination of spices and herbs. Curry’s are usually tomato based, but non tomato curries are also popular.

TIKKA: Chunks of boneless chicken or mutton marinated in spices, skewered in clay oven called ‘tandoor’

MURGH: Chicken

DAL: Lentils

LASSI: Yoghurt shake - plain, sweet or salted.

MASALA CHAI: Black tea leaves boiled with milk and a combination of spices like ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves and black pepper.

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